Inferiority Complex

“If you let others define your roles, you won’t be yourself” 
 – Don’t Say Yes When You Want to Say No by Dr. Herbert Fensterheim and Jean Baer
 “No one will make you feel inferior without your consent”
– Eleonor Roosevelt
Ever since an ego crusher incident that happened when I was 14, this syndrome has started to develop in me. Redeeming myself when I was 16 was good but was crushed again when I was around 19 years old. And thus, has tainted my personality ever since.
It affected my social skills and the way I mingle with other people.
I realized that first impression will always last and the way you carry yourself during that time will define your role in the society.
And if you let them get into your system, you will never ever get rid of it. People will always judge you base on how you see and carry yourself but at the same time, they will also respect you the way you respect yourself.
As what Leil Lowndes wrote on her book, How to Talk to Anyone,Welcome to the human jungle. There will be predators who can eat you up, if you don’t know how to fight and protect yourself and if you let them be.
They will scrutinize you from the way you flip your hair to the way you speak and your habits as well. (There’s no escape). Of course, it’s human nature and so, might as well just do your thing and always be strong in every step of your journey. Don’t let anyone (other than you) pull your strings. As what Nanay Coring said, (owner of National Bookstore),

“Don’t be afraid of anyone. Speak out when you have to. All people are the same. They all have stinky farts.”

Honestly, I have given numerous opportunity to shine on my own but because of this (Inferiority complex), (lack of confidence, stage fright, shaking voice, shaking hands, mental block, extreme shyness and other obvious reason of it) those opportunities had slipped my hands.
My blog has been the victim of my rants about it. (Sad to say)
Nevertheless, I am fighting so damn hard, not because I have to, (or I’m told to) but because I want to.
I think as a woman, I should be stronger in facing those challenges and be eager to become what I wish I could be.
I may still be on the verge of trying to overcome those manifestations and still hoping that I can become better.
As what they say, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

PS: Knowing myself in a different perspective is something new to me and I am so loving it. (aja aja fighting!)