Procrastination Antidote: Always Get Things Done


Did you remember my post about Saying No to “Not”(Click the title to view it)

Though I have been trying to practice it, like everyone else, I find it so bizarre and hard to follow. And I certainly know, I also break that.

And, as I was writing that article, there is one word that I had a hard time, looking for its positive counter part. That word is Procrastination.

This is one killer word for me. I am certainly a slave of it. (Who isn’t? right?)

I always considered myself  The Great Procrastinator.

But, I got this light bulb moment after days of writing that article and that is the positive phrase for that killer word which can not only benefit me but also others (especially you guys, my readers).

That is “Always Get things Done”.

There is something in that phrase that makes me want to finish all the things I have started and some motivation to begin with. It keeps me going as well. I even placed it on my wall to remind me to always do something productive for the day.

Remember, to keep a happy life, always feed our minds with positive thoughts! Shoo away negatives! 🙂 As what they always say, just live, love and laugh. ~!~