Forgive but Never Forget (the Lesson)

PrintForgiveness frees us from the cage where we are trapped when we were hurt.

Forgiveness allows us to keep the good memories and get rid of the bad ones.

Allows you to smile after those hurtful events.

Forgiving someone who have hurt you tremendously is not easy. It’s NEVER easy.

There will always be a tinge of hatred that you can’t getaway with, especially if the wound is very deep and the scar has been evident in your personality and attitude.

Nevertheless, when you teach yourself to forgive, you are also opening the door of peace and happiness in your heart.

Do not also forgive without bringing the lessons with you. Forgetting what happened, can also mean forgetting the lessons you’ve learned from that part of your life.

Those things happen for you to learn something worth while about life, so treasure that new learned wisdom.

Don’t be hard on yourself as well. Sometimes, the person you had a hard time to forgive was yourself.

That maybe because of regret. But those are already part of the past that we must start correcting.

Forgiving others and yourself can let you be one step closer towards peace of mind, clarity and happiness.