CHANGE starts with a Letter C as “Chaos”

We always say, there is no constant here in the world except for change. It’s needed for us to grow and be better.

“Yes, I know, I know! ” I mumbled as I was reading all the change articles in the web.

It’s a bit frustrating somehow when you know it’s for your own good, yet, you fail to acknowledge its benefits in the long run.

Here’s my reaction about simple “change”

After almost 23 years of living in our house, my family at last got some amount of money to get rid of our leaking ceiling and cracked walls and flooring.

Those leakage has always been our problem through the years but we never got the chance to renovate it until late last year.

This transition is killing me.

I have to keep my things in another room, I’m not sleeping in my own bed and the worst is, I am a “squatter” sharing beds and room with my sisters. I have no permanent room of my own. And right now, I am so furious because I won’t be sleeping comfortably in the next days sleeping next to my sisters.

You might think I am a brat and might think this is just a “rant” post.

Somehow it can be called a “rant” post because I was able to say how I exactly feel about this change that is happening in our life.

But, if you try to think about it deeper, my reaction to change is everyone’s reaction to change as a whole (not just about our house).

If you happen to be involved in something different from your usual routine, you get furious, irritated, annoyed and if you are the facilitator of “change” in your community, office or school, you’ll hear endless complaints, rants, annoying grunts and a lot more violent reactions from everyone involved.

This is actually the start of C-H-A-N-G-E.

C for CHAOS!

There will be a disruption from your everyday routine.

There is “inconvenience” at first or even along the way.

Nevertheless, these grunting, ranting and annoyances will all be paid off in the end.

May that change be a failure or success, it will all lead to one thing: You have learned something new.

You learn to get out of your comfort zone and face challenges.

Facing change maybe inconvenient for all of us but as cliché as it is,

Change is the only gateway for everyone’s betterment.