The Past Will Be Past or Else, Be Stagnant

Keep going. We may have been down for a number of times, we may have had a number of wrong decisions in the past or mistakes that we cannot undo but, those misfortunes are endless. And let’s face the fact that we cannot change it.

The past is the past and we have nothing to do with it.

Nevertheless, try to dwell on it more than what is necessary and you can find yourself stuck. STAGNANT.

2 years

3 years

5 years

or even 10

Some people dwell on their problems that long without finding a solution.

How long would like to dwell on your problems and be stuck and waste your precious time?

Life will always be short and you never know, you are already running out of time.

If you have been disappointed at the age 20 and you never get up from that fall, someday, you will wake up thinking of how “stagnant” your life has been. If you dwell on it for 10 years, you will wake up one day during your 30th birthday regretting the last 10 years of your life because of those unresolved issues.

Whereas, moving on will always be an option. It will never be too late to start again. Better be late than regret not doing anything at all.

We are the only creator of our future. Our destiny depends on our attitude towards downfall. If we chose never to stand up again, then, we are clearly choosing suffering over happiness and success.

Sometimes, we need to declutter and organize our life to free ourselves from negativity. Decluttering our mind by forgetting about the past could be a good start for a brighter future.

Whatever age you are, it will never be late as long as you start it from NOW. Our present will always determine our future.

Get up and Move forward.