Practice K.I.S.S-ing

practice KISSINGK.I.S.S = Keep It Simple *Stupid

Life is simple and we should always maintain it that way. Sometimes, we tend to over-think and make things complicated.

Worrying doesn’t help us either. It can’t even solve our problems.

Practice K.I.S.S-ing

I’ve known this phrase for a long time but the latest book where I got this is from Robert Renaud’s Time Trading Guru and gave me an idea on how to make life more simple. Another site that I’d like everyone to know is Think Simple Now. This site has been helpful to me and Tina Su will always be a role model to me.  (I have a confession to make, I want to be little Tina Sue in the future.haha)

But kidding aside, this site has a lot of articles that can make your life simpler and get rid of complications.

For me, keeping things simple can be linked to happiness because if we tend to keep things simple as it is, we will just dwell on the more important things in our lives and thus can keep happiness within our reach.

I have come up with some K.I.S.S-ing Principles that could be helpful to everyone.

  • If the situation is not making you happy get out of it.
  • If they they are not making you happy, get rid of them.
  • If you love them, say it.
  • The lesser you care, the lesser you get hurt.
  • Focus on your dreams
  • Don’t let anyone drag you down.
  • Avoid Drama
  • If its GOOD, DO it, If NOT, DON’t

It will always be easier said than done but, that is what life is supposed to be. We only need the courage to keep it.