Do What is Right

They say, doing the right things are difficult and could really need determination because bad things are tempting and are done easily and can be done in just a breeze. Easy way out as they call it.

Anchoring your values needs time to be mastered. Every day, everyone is faced with temptations that most of the time not easy to crack because of the bliss that it offers.

But, Actually, these are just temporary.

Finding your happiness doesn’t need to go overboard. We always find articles, movies and books on happiness but happiness that is solely based on selfishness is not also good and can just also lead to heart breaks in the long run.

Pure and the unselfish quest for happiness is still the best because it tends to linger longer and can have a lasting effect. Though the road that one will go through won’t be easy, doing what is right without hurting anyone is one of the best gift you can give to yourself because you didn’t give in to temporary happiness and seeks for a lifetime glee.

Sometimes, we need to weigh things and we need to choose which is which. We need to make decisions whether to give in to those tempting desires and ruin our chance of lifetime happiness or just do the right things and wait for the right time and moment.

Sometimes, patience and faith is what we need. Faith that once you do the right thing, better things will come for you in the future.

Remember, God has always been faithful to His people.