Oh Well’s vs. What If’s

oh wells vs what ifsFailure is what separates the two from each other. Fear of failure. That’s why we stay with something that is comfortable. Comfort and Satisfaction is what we always seek in love, business, health and other aspect of life.

It’s not easy to dwell on failure. Everyone struggles to stand up after failing. Even if you have failed a number of times, it still has the same effect on you. No matter how “immune” you thought you could be. It still hurts the same.

We should always get pass that. Even if we fear losing, we must still take the smallest step. It wouldn’t be easy but it’ll be worth it.

Trying something out of our context is not easy but if curiosity is enough and you want it bad enough, then,  go for it. There is no harm in trying.

Sure we’d get frustrated and be hurt in the end if things didn’t turn out well. But, in the end, every time I fail,I just always remember this.

“If you started to get hurt gain, it means you just went back to learn something new.”

I have read that phrase a long time ago and somehow, it can make me at ease every time I am faced in a life trial.

You are a winner not because you won but because you have conquered the fear that you have in your heart. You tried and gave your best.

They always say that “living a life full of Oh Well’s are better than a life full of What if’s”