Don’t Settle for Anything Less

Everyone deserves to be happy.
“Everyone” means everyone, no exceptions!

Happy in a way that we are not blinded by right and wrong.
Happy in a way that everyone deserves.

But sad to say, some get content with what is “good” and do not long to have the “best” because some thought “best” doesn’t exist.

Take note, I didn’t say “Perfect” or “Flawless” but rather, “Best”.

At work, we tend to be comfortable with what we do without longing for the “best” because of complacency.

In love, some become content with being just the “other man or woman” because they thought no one is there to love them as much as that person does.

But, come to think of it, If great people just settled for what is mediocre, do you think we can ever use the words “great” or “splendid”?

If going to the moon was just a dream before and no one believed that a man can do it and they just settled for this belief, do you think, we can know who Neil Armstrong is?

If people just settles, do you think we have computers now? Do you think we ever learned to write? What do you think we look like now?

God created us in His own likeness. It means you are godlike. A Goddess on your own. You are a unique individual. You might have flaws but those imperfections are the reason why you are “real”.

You are a unique real individual made in the likeness of God so, why do you think should you settle for anything less and never long for the BEST? Come to think of it. 🙂