Happiness Should Start From Within

I have had my heart broken a number of times. I had been sad for a lot of times and sometimes, those are just some hormonal imbalance that sometimes I cannot control.

I don’t consider myself as a professional “happiness” adviser but because of those negative things from the past, I realized that everyone can make themselves happy by doing one thing:

Just look ahead and don’t look back.

Get busy. Know what you love to do and master it. Or if you don’t know it yet, keep looking. Don’t be scared to try on different things that interest you. Soon, you will see yourself engaged in something you never thought you could do. Listen to your inner voice. Pursue your dreams.

Always plan your day. Practice smiling even if you don’t feel like smiling. If you can’t do it without any motivation, watch your favorite comedy movie.

happiness starts from within

I got this idea from one of the books I’ve read entitled The Art of Reading Mind by Henrik Fexeus, he said, that our actions will always be in relation to our emotions and even if we can’t see it, our actions have something to do with what we feel. So, in order for us to feel better when we are gloomy, we have to do something with our actions (since we have the power to control it). And by that, it can indirectly affect our emotions and though we can’t consciously change our emotions, changing our actions towards something can definitely create a difference with what we feel.

If we want to be happy, there must always be a will to be one. That “within” is our will to choose happiness amidst our bad experiences. We will always be responsible with our own happiness and we can always choose it.

We all have those days when we feel alone, depressed, betrayed by some people we love but, we must always be positive and though we may feel so down, happiness is just around the corner waiting for us to notice them. We only need to open our hearts and grab it no matter what it takes.