Why Should We Love Ourselves More

Have you ever heard of a once intelligent, sought after beautiful and confident bachelorette who has bitterly turned into a battered housewife?

Have you heard of a man that had been cheated by his wife a number of times but still lives with her in a single roof?

Perhaps yes or maybe, you even know someone personally like your mom or dad or cousins or friends. Its rampant nowadays. There are a lot of unequal scenarios like that because some people, because of loving their partner too much, they forgot to take care of themselves. They  take their lives for granted because they are preoccupied making their other half happy without asking for anything in return. Selfless I should say.

love yourself

It’s not wrong to love. Its one feeling in the world that is hard to describe and will definitely make you happy even without any reason or without being reasonable. Nevertheless, that love, that we offer shouldn’t exceed with the love that we can give to ourselves.

Loving someone without forgetting to love ourselves generates a relationship not only with love but also with respect. We always hear this phrase “Sometimes, love just ain’t enough.”

A relationship without respect is not a good sign of  a healthy relationship. It can create a bigger problem in the future and can lead to heartbreaks.

When we learn to love ourselves more, we can be happy with ourselves and we may not need another person to complete us. Thus, when entering a relationship, we can share our completeness and happiness to our significant other.

Loving oneself is not being selfish. It’s about knowing what is worthy of our respect, love and trust and if other people can’t show it to us, they are not worthy to be part of our life. Who would want to live a life without those three elements? It’ll be a disaster.

When you love yourself more and don’t give a damn, they will respect you more and they will be willing to treat you right and you will get what you deserve. Whoever you are, whatever you do, everyone is entitled to love and be loved in return and not be taken for granted by anyone or much worse, treat anyone like a trash.

Learn to stand up and know what is in store for you. Loving someone has never been an excuse for anyone to be treated badly. Love should make you happy and not the other way around.