Why Shouldn’t We Expect (For More)

People tend to count the things we’ve done good to someone. We create an invisible list in our heads and expecting they would repay us with something good as well.

We tend to think that if we give this much, we should also get as much or more than what we originally gave. Be it material things, love, good deeds or anything. Expecting anything in return may just defeat its purpose.

When we give, no matter how small it is, should come from the heart. If we give and expect something in return, then, it’s not giving. It’s more about investing. It’s like asking them to give us what we have given them. Might as well get ourselves a gift instead of giving. That is how expecting can defeat the meaning of “giving”.

Nevertheless giving too much to the point of abuse is also not recommended. It decreases one’s self-respect and self-worth.

Aside from those reasons, expecting much from anyone can lead to disappointments and heartaches in vain.

We tend to be disappointed because we are giving more than enough but the other person can’t give even half of it. Hearts can be broken and sadness comes into the picture.

Sometimes, expectations are disappointments in disguise. They tend to give us false hopes ad pseudo-promises that can leave us devastated in the end.

More than expecting, hoping for the best can one good alternative over expecting because hoping has bigger territory. There is something more intellectual in hoping than in expecting.

According to Wikipedia:

Hope: is the emotional state which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstance in one’s life.


Expectations: a belief that is centered in the future, MAY or MAY NOT BE REALISTIC

Thus, everyone should just hope for the best and never expect anything from anyone. It can spare us from getting hurt and happiness won’t slip away.

PS: It’s the season for giving. ~!~ enjoy the holidays folks!