Loving Our Imperfections

loving imperfections

Insecurities. We all have it in our blood.
“They are prettier than me.”
“She sings better than I am.”
“He is a more stable man.”
“He has everything.”

We all struggle for this every day. Thinking about how other people’s lives are going. Comparing ourselves to others. Looking for something we don’t have but other people are enjoying.

One thing we must know about ourselves is that we are imperfect and we must accept that fact. We don’t have the perfect face of a model, paycheck of Bill Gates, the figure of a beauty queen, the height of a basketball player and a lot more imperfections.

But those imperfections make us real and unique. No matter how much we try to be perfect, we can never be.

Embrace it. Love it.

Let’s redefine perfection in our own terms. If we can’t accept our own imperfections, how can we accept other’s flaws and weaknesses as well.

Insecurities can only lead to depression. We should slash it in our lives. We can only be happy if we try to see perfection amidst imperfection.

If we are insecure, it shows in our attitude towards other people. We’ll always have the gut to explain ourselves and tend to create a facade that is not totally us. How can we see ourselves if we keep on comparing ourselves to others and instead of focusing on how to achieve our dreams, we waste our energy poking at other people.

It’s not easy. We are all struggling to fight for it every day. It can also be a part of our imperfections as well but it shouldn’t be an excuse not to fight for it.

Insecurities can eat us up. It decreases our self-confidence, it gives us self-doubt and most of all, it can be a hindrance to our success.

We may not all be perfect but we are unique and we should love it because it becomes our distinct qualities that others may hate or love but is part of who we are. We shouldn’t pay attention to what others would say towards us. We don’t have to please anyone but ourselves. Yes, their opinion matters but what should matter most is how we see ourselves because no one other than ourselves can believe on what we can really do.