When Trust Slips Away

ImageTrust is one of the most important element in a relationship. Be it in a romantic, platonic or your relationship with your parents and siblings.

Entrusting someone your opinions, ideas and love could be difficult if you had been betrayed and abandoned once in your life. Giving away your trust is giving them a piece of you. The more trust you give, it can also mean giving yourself to that someone, piece by piece.

 Gaining trust is hard as well. You have to be sincere in everything you say and do.

On the other hand, the harder it is to gain, the easier it is to lose. In just a simple word, simple mistake, trust can be tainted. It may not be lost totally but it can also be lost lie after lie. Mistake after mistake.

It’s like a candle that once you started to lit, you’ll know someday, it’ll be all be gone.

If there is one thing I always consider in my relationship with other people, a trusting one is one of the best I have. You can be who you are without them judging and you can tell them your story because you are entrusting yourself to them.

Yes, people do make mistakes in their lives but remember that one mistake from another can also lose that trust of that special someone in your life.

Someday, they can get tired of you and may even lose their respect because trust comes with respect. Without trust, respect can also fade away.

If you happen you find a one of a kind trusting relationship, cherish it. Nurture it. Never taint it as much as possible. It can also be one of the best relationship that you can ever have. You can  love someone dearly but without trusting them, along with respect, it can also slip away.