The Hurt in Letting Go

I am letting go not because I wanted to. I am letting go to earn the respect I deserve not from “that person” or for anyone else but the respect for myself. If you think someone is treating you wrong, there is no need to stay.

Why are you staying in the first place? It all boils down to one thing.

You are afraid of being alone again and you thought no one else in this world can love you more.

In short, you are settling for something less than what you deserve.

If you think you should be treated with more respect and should be treated right, tell him/her. Communicate what you feel.

A relationship without proper communication can lead to unresolved issue/s that can increase as time passes by. If despite those communications and honesty, nothing has changed and you  still felt taken for granted, not respected and most of all, not loved at all, let go.

Let them feel the feeling when you are not around them. If they can’t value your presence might as well give them your absence.

It doesn’t mean you won’t be hurt because you will! Definitely! Tears will fall and hearts will break but in the end, it’ll be worth it to know how far that person can do and go just to be with you. If you end up losing him, what is there to loose on your end? As long as you have given everything you can give, then, you’re part of that relationship is over. When he/she lets you go, you just opened a new opportunity to be loved again by another person rightly and what you deserve.

I got this from twitter: LET GO : Leave Everything To God, Okay?