Movie Suggestion: A Thousand Words

I usually write my movie reviews in my first blog however, this movie can be very inspiring and has lingering effect to its audience. It’s a movie about Self-Discovery.

It’s about taking some pause in your life to just be quiet and meditate. Hear the silence and for a while, just allow yourself to listen which we often forget because we are too busy talking and concentrating on shallow things in our daily lives. Maybe another thing why I liked it, is because it sums up the things I believe in about life and living. One movie that you should let your (future) children watch.

Its a story of an arrogant man who had been magically cursed by a Spiritual mogul, Dr. Sinja. He and this magical tree became one that every time he would utter a word, the leaves will fall and he becomes sicker and sicker. Once all the leaves wear off, he will die.
He was told that there is no answer to that magical curse and he must use his words wisely and just stick with the important things in his life and just accept the fact that after the leaves were gone, he too will die. He underwent the Five stages of grief which are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance. He learned to accept that there is an unresolved issue in his life that he should pay attention.

The best scene for me is when he uttered his last three words: “I forgive you”. I initially thought his last words would be “I love you” but it’s not. It was his second to the last phrase which he offered for his mom.

Some of the best quotes in the movie:

I guess you never know if the last time you see someone is going to be the last time you ever see someone. – Jack McCall

It’s okay, our truth can be painful.Pain is the touchstone of goal.It’s okay, laugh, cry, to close causes just to let it out.- Dr. Sinja

Breath in and release.Quite your mind, until there are no thoughts.Then, you can see your true nature.Your face before your parents were born.- Dr. Sinja

Make peace, show them that you love them, and be truthful.- Dr. Sinja

We all create our own destiny, Jack.- Dr. Sinja

It’s quite amazing,how many thoughtless words one can speak?- Dr. Sinja

You need to find peace.- Dr. Sinja

You need to find the truth about yourself.It’s quite simple Jack.You need to get quiet, not just with your mouth, with your mind.And in that quiet you will hear the truth.You do have any other unresolved relationships in your life.- Dr. Sinja

Life’s not worth living without a family. Right? Right?! – Annie McCall

***Oh, I forgot, it’s so hilarious!!! Adds up to why i loved it! :))