More Knowledge, More Happiness

For those working people out there, have you ever felt like your work is becoming routinely? Have you ever felt like you are stagnant and no new ideas or knowledge is entering your mind? 

Oh, well, welcome to the club! Sometimes, I do feel the same way and much more than you do.

Maybe, that is because you thought, your job is not adding new information and you thought, you are not learning anything new from it, which can be true but somehow, if you are feeling that way, you don’t just sit and do nothing for it.

It means you are seeking for some new ideas to satisfy your hunger for knowledge and if your job is not feeding that, feel free to feed yourself.

I once bump in an article that says;knowledge can contribute to one’s happiness which I thought is really true.

There is unexplained euphoria every time I lost somewhere and then, I found my way home. It means, I found out a new way to go home (other than my usual route). After every toxic shift, there is unexplained relaxed feeling when I read the newspaper and when I started to write an article, I thought, I am alive again.

Feeding yourself some new knowledge is not only good for you physically but can also be a great source of happiness.

Never stop reading, watching worthwhile TV shows, if your salary can permit, attend seminars, enroll for a master’s degree, read online articles or enroll in an online class.

Never stop from where you are right now, never stop looking for answers to a lot of questions that is running in your mind.

Keep interested and as per Steve Jobs, stay hungry, stay foolish.
The more you thought you knew, the lesser it is that you actually do.