Some Advice for the Younger Generations

Being a 20 plus something girl didn’t gave me the right to advise the younger generation since I still do have my own share of mistakes and frustrations. However, allow me to vent out some of my realizations about a journey called “life”.

The younger generations might not understand what I am talking about at this time of their life but just like me and any other people my age, they could probably relate to what I’m going to say.

1. Never underestimate the power of your childhood dream.

No matter which path you take, no matter how many people influence you, you would still go back to the same destination that you always dream of when you were younger. It might not be now but you will definitely ask yourself about the road you haven’t took and reflect on the “what ifs.”

Hence, go for what you really dreamed of when you are younger, if your parents can’t help you, find your own way. If there’s a will, there is a way.

2. Honor thy mother and thy father.

They won’t be there for the rest of your life. Tell them you love them and never let them feel that you take them for granted. Some people didn’t get the chance to have a mother or a father so if you still have them, consider yourself lucky.

3. Follow your heart.

If you are really passionate about something, fight for it. Don’t let others dictate on what you should do. But remember, when it comes to relationship, never be stubborn. Listen to older people. Being in a romantic relationship is not like having a best friend or playing with your barbie dolls or playing computer games, it’s something more to that. Better save it when you are more mature and already have the capacity to understand and grasp some things that better be understood by older people.

4. Take it slow, don’t rush into things.

Fall in love but never fall deeply in love. You might mistaken lust to love. Don’t rush to grow up. You will never be 16 years old again. Savor every moment with your friends because, you won’t have enough time with them when you grow up. Never be angry when your mom asks you where you are because, you will miss that when you’ll be older.

5. Don’t sit in front of your computer the whole day.

Instead of stalking on other people’s lives, get up and make your own story. Let them read yours not the other way around. You have more things to do rather than logging into your Facebook account.

6. Take as much Pictures as possible.

More than tagging your friends and posting it on Facebook, taking pictures will allow you to see how much you have grown in the next 5 years or so. Pictures are captured memories that you can’t erase and you’d love to look back and reminisce.

7. Enjoy

Always be happy. If someone is making you sad and doesn’t treat you right, stand up and get the hell out. You deserve to enjoy your youth.

8. Learn from other people’s mistakes

Sometimes, we have to consider how other people have failed and must not follow what they did. However, always follow your guts and intuition and never let this fear of failure blind you to jump in and take risk.

9. Don’t Be Shy. Explore.

Join the drama club, church choir, go around your neighborhood, find friends, never be afraid to speak out.
Ask questions, Don’t confine yourself in the four corners of your house, play with your friends and try to meet more people. Even if you are young, you still have the right to be heard.

10. Be a Role Model. Be a leader. It’s a good training ground. The real battle will come after school so be prepared.