Life After School

Life after school is the real battle. Whether you finished school or not, this is the real world that everyone should face. No more teachers to guide us, no more class schedule to keep us busy and no more classmates that can help us with our homework.

The world will all depend on you. You should create your own self, your own path and your own destiny. This is the time when you start fulfilling your dreams when you were younger.

This is the battlefield where you meet a lot of people along the way whom can hate you, annoy you, inspire you, or love you. Everything will be the fruit of your every decision. Every “Yes” and every “No” that you answer in every opportunity. There are two roads that we can end up to. The Success and the Failure road which will all depend in our hands.

Our life after school is like a blank canvas. We don’t know how to start drawing and this may be challenging and could leave us helpless in any way. Others are lucky to have other people help them start but what if you have no one to lean on?

This is the time when we start to put into actions all our ideas that we have in our head. But sometimes, we are scared to start creating a life that could have been a masterpiece if we are just brave enough to start on it right now.

This is about conquering our fears so we can start a life that we ever dreamed of. It’s about chasing our dreams too.

Life after school shouldn’t be the end of learning but should be the start of a new curriculum: Master of Arts Major in Dream Chasing and Fear Conquering.