Nothing Really Matters When you have No One to Share it With

Sometimes, we are so overwhelmed to chase our dreams. We always want something new in our lives. We always strive hard to be the best and work our asses off. But, did that occur to you that no matter how much work you do and how much money you have in your pocket, it’s still the people around you that truly matters?

Yes, we can go out and find new acquaintances, or if we are lucky enough, find new good friends along the way.

However, it’s still the old people in your life that matters. People who stayed in your life’s ups and down and who has been there to listen to all your squabbles and never fails to be on your side when you feel down.

I‘m not saying we shouldn’t work hard and money has nothing to do with our lives which is totally nonsense. One thing that we should always remember though, is that, relationship with other people is what counts the most. We may have all the things that money can buy but we must always remember that the most important things in the long run are the people who cared for us.
Every thing seems to matter less if we are alone and we don’t have anyone to share it with. Always remember that money can not buy EVERYTHING.
Money Can Buy
 Money can buy a house,
But not a home.
Money can buy a pen,
Not a writing.
Money can buy a book,
But not knowledge.
Money can buy a fan
But not wind.
Money can buy a bed,
But not sleep.
Money can buy an equipment,
But not a skill.
Money can buy food,
But not appetite.
Money can buy luxuries,
But not culture.
Money can buy amusement,
But not happiness.