Worry ends, When Faith Begins

Last Sunday, I went to church and the priest has mentioned that from Oct 11 to Christ the King Sunday of 2013, it’s what Pope Benedict the 16th called as the Year of Faith.

I remember a story before, (maybe, one of the homilies I have heard) about a father and child trying to escape from a burning house. The father jumped off the window to get out and instruct his son to jump as well. The child can’t see his father because of the thick smoke surrounding them. But since the child believed that his father can see him and will catch him no matter what, he just jumped the window without any hesitation even if he can’t assure himself that his father was there.

It’s what you call faith. When you think you have done enough, the Lord will give with what you deserve. When you have given your cards and you have nothing more to offer, sit back and relax. Ask and thou shall receive.

As one my favorite quote says: Worry ends, when Faith Begins.