How to View Goodbye Positively

Goodbyes are hurtful moments that may leave you helpless and depressed. However, always remember that it shouldn’t only give you negative thoughts but somehow, it can also give you hope.

Hope that there is something BETTER coming in your life. It will eventually end and remember, time heals all wounds. You just need to patiently wait for that right moment.

You’re maybe closing a door, but you can start opening windows of new opportunity.

In every “goodbye”, there will always be a new “hello”.
Always look at the brighter side of things. Always be optimistic.
Remember, when you are depressed, never stay at home alone. Make sure you go to a place with a lot of people.

Get busy! Enroll to a new dance class, cooking class, go to the gym, create your own business or anything that can keep you away from being idle.

Remember, “Idle minds are devil’s playground.” When you over analyze, you tend to think about a lot of stupid things that you can regret in the future. Though it’s really hard, the key to moving on is to make as many plans as possible in a day. Never end the day without doing anything worthwhile As what they say, Chase your dreams and everything will follow.

Goodbye could also be one way for you to discover and know your self more. However, you can still cry once in a while. It makes you feel human because you can still feel something rather than be numb and be apathetic. But, crying should be just the 10% of the whole moving on process. It shouldn’t be just the whole thing. You can not move on to your life’s next chapter if you keep on dwelling about the past.

Let go. Pray. Keep a positive mind and Get Busy.
Soon, you will get over it and you’ll never know, you are happy again without even trying.