Be a Responsible Social Media User

I know I’m a bit late about posting this summit video in my blog. I just had the time to watch this in youtube and I am in awe as I was watching/listening to it. Kudos to Ms. Bianca Gonzales for this very informative talk about responsible social media usage. Though she focused more on twitter, this Top 10 Twitter Rules, could also be very helpful in other social media platforms like Facebook and Blogging. What made this even more reliable is the speaker herself. Bianca for me is one of the celebrity in our generation who does what she says. In short, she walks her talk. I like how she does her work and balances her personal life without being unnecessarily vain and irritating. She tweets good news, know how to handle herself in public and is a very good role model to the young people.

What I like about this 10 Rules is how simple it is, yet let’s face it, its not easy to follow especially when you let your emotion rule over you. Gone are the days when you just tweet all the things that you want to say without being responsible because of the Cybercrime Law. Honestly, I have nothing against this law. I am blogger and I blog about what I feel or what I want to say but I always make sure that its being construction rather destructive (As what Bianca said in her talk). There might be times when I have to say negative things about some things but there should never be unnecessary things that shouldn’t be included. Like we should stick or focus to the topic and avoid being personal about the issue. Sometimes, its also being professional on how you criticize products, people, events etc. etc.

In short, THINK before TWEETING or POSTING. What you say in the internet should be who you are in the real world. This may not be your entire self but this is an extension of yourself. I am not saying that we should always be good and should always be “on the safe side” but we should always think of how our post impact to other people. If you should bash or say negative things about others, there must always be a proof and we should always think of what the consequences are. Yes, there is freedom of expression but let’s make use of it the right way.

Of the Top 10 Rules, this must be the one that has the greatest impact on me. I once saw a couple having lunch together in a restaurant but they are not talking with each other. They are in each other’s cell phone. I thought, I don’t like that when I am having a date with my family or whoever I am with. I am with you today and I need your full attention. You can tweet or post about it later.

We must learn to live with today and feel the impact on it on our own rather than brag about it in the internet. Year 2008 was the year when I joined facebook and honestly, I got addicted with it. Its like, I can’t live without it. I have played all the games there, I have joined all the apps there and I know, there is something wrong. I have deactivated my FB account three times and I will again if I thought  I’ll be out of my control again.

Having a social media account has one good goal, to connect people. Let’s use it correctly and be responsible of what we tweet, post or say.