Happiness is a CHOICE and not Just an Option

Hi Guys! 馃檪
Just wanted to share some of random posts from 2009. I got this from the blog I deleted before. Hope you can appreciate it. ~!~


Doesn’t mean I have everything in life. I do share a lot of qualms about certain topics in 聽life like love, career, family, friends etc.etc but that doesn’t spare me of being happy.
I had a hard time understanding that quote before, but after series of unfortunate events, stupid cold wars and selfish聽bitchiness, I realized that you will be happy as long as you don’t allow loneliness to come your way. I had never been contented this way. I know, I still don’t have a stable job and still considered a “broke” actually, but I felt like God is building my life so well.My past made me a better person. Made me realize that happiness is just in the corner waiting for me to appreciate.
Many things makes me happy these days. One of which is being who I wanted to be without anyone dictating me of what I should do or become. I know, I still have some confusions in choosing which career I’d love to do in the next years of my life, but, the process of choosing it makes me smile. That in my own way, I am able to try a lot of things, be with new people, know more and most of all, trying to discover myself and what I really wanted. Though, I have been ambivalent, apprehension hinders my way, it’s a happy complicated journey of life. Hoping someday, I’ll end up with the right decision. The choice I know that could make me happy and most of all contented.

I don’t wish to be rich, famous and have all the things in this world, I just wanted to be the best person that I can be. A simple person with a simple dream-happiness and contentment.

Someday, I wish I could share what God has given me and make other people happy too.
My name is Trixie which originated from the name Beatrice which means, joy bringer or “she brings joy” and I want to live my life with it. I want to share my smile to everyone. To let them know there are a lot of things to be happy about. Nobody has ever really been contented with their lives no matter how rich, beautiful, intelligent they are. There is still something missing. We find it missing because we tend to look for things we don’t have rather than accepting things we have and try to utilize it well. We tend to always look on the negative side of the story without knowing that in every storm, there is a rainbow thereafter. We tend not to appreciate things we have and long 聽for something more.
It’s not bad to look forward and ask for more as long as we never over look what we have and still appreciate things that we have rather than resenting it.
Aside from appreciating the life God has given me, I’m more than happy to portray a number of roles. Roles that I am striving to be good at. I am a daughter, sister, friend, nurse, etc. and what makes me smile, is that, I am doing all my jobs well.
Somehow, I can sense the聽responsibility聽running through my veins, that I am becoming a mature person. A person who can accept聽responsibility聽and聽accountability聽as well.
I know, this happiness I am feeling this moment won’t last long, but as long as happiness is what I always seek, I know, I will always be one and will always find a reason to be one no matter how screwed my life would become.
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