A New Way to Save Your Money

Just this morning I was able to receive my BPI Save-Up Card which looks like this:
photo credit from this site
I enrolled for this BPI service last month when I got curious when I saw the flyers which says, it will AUTOMATICALLY deduct certain amount from your pay roll to your savings account. It made me feel giddy because since I worked this year, I rarely had the guts and ability to save up. No matter how much I like because I am some kind of an impulsive buyer. It allows you to save up without effort. The first thing you do is apply for a BPI account. Good thing was, I have one because of my payroll from my company. Then, apply for the BPI Direct Save – Up account which will allow you to save at least 250 php or save up to 10-20% every pay day depending on your preference.  You could also choose whether to save your money twice a month (every pay day) or monthy (every end of the month). 
I highly recommend this way of saving to those people who had a hard time saving up like me. At least, you can save a certain amount from your salary per month and since it will fall to a different account number which is not an ATM based account.
You can access your Save – up money balance through BPI express online and BPI express Mobile. 
But first, you must activate the enrollment of your BPI Direct Account in BPI express phone..
1. Call 89-100
2. Press 1 for Express Teller
3. Key-in your 11-digit access number (last ten digits of your card number and the first digit of your JAI- Joint Account Indicator)
4. Key-in the UNique Temporary Telephone ID number (will be mailed to you with the card and you can change this number and will serve as your password to your account)
5. Enter your preferred TIN.
After changing your TIN, you can acquire for your balance and could allow you to do more transactions. 
**PS: there are times that you can forget that you have applied to this Save up account and might think you are loosing some of your hard earned money!haha!NEVER EVER FORGET about your SAVE up account.  =-p