Why I Love the Longest Ride

This was a movie adapted form a Nicholas Sparks novel, The Longest Ride and I have not read the book yet but then, I opted to watch the film already (Just not sure if this is a good decision but I’m hoping it is). As you all know, Nicholas Sparks is my holy grail of love stories. He can hit you right in your heartstrings and I have always enjoyed his works (well, not all but most. Feel free to visit my other reviews about his novels HERE).

In his other novels, death has always been part of its recipe which makes the story more poignant and can leave you brokenhearted thereafter (there is still a tinge of death but was not highlighted that much in the film. It’s the death of Luke’s father). And this one is different.

It’s real and can hit you bull’s-eye.

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In his other novels, he has introduced different health issues such as Asperger’s in Dear John, Alzheimer’s Disease in The Notebook and Leukemia in The Walk to Remember but here, it wasn’t one of his Β ingredients. Here, he presented reality. That there are people from two different world that can fall in love and though you may belong to two different genre’s of life, there will always be a way to make things work.

It introduced the notion that we had always been hearing ever since that, “Love is a choice”.

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That love is never perfect and can sometimes be out of your league. At times, you can not even understand it and can sometimes stand between you and your dreams.

In that situation, for sure, I’d also choose my dreams and one time opportunities more than love but then, soon, you’d realize that your dreams can be nothing if you have no one to share it with.

My favorite scene:

Dinner by the lake :)

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“It’s just 6 seconds but that girl can be the rest of your life.”

Getting Back on Track

After last year’s blast, I thought I’d never feel lost again. I thought I’ve conquered myself enough and thus, when I felt the same emptiness at the start of this year, I was at lost too and asked, “Why, Again?”. I got myself to tears and I would pray the same lines I did 5 years agoChange
I thought I was done with it.

I have goals everyday, I’d still get excited to go to work but then, there is something missing that I can’t explain.


The same written words I told myself last year and I thought I lost it again. I realize when you lose that focus, you will lose your direction as well. You’d be in limbo; in crossroads and you don’t know where to go and you’d wander.

And that’s what I discovered. That every time I’d feel lost, I have to focus on what I want rather than contemplating on the past and thinking of some things I don’t have any control.

Life is like a Ferris wheel as they say. Sometimes, you’d see the overview of things underneath but there are times, you have to look up and see what’s happening above you and try to reach the top again. I realize that I should never stop dreaming and aim for the best. Because if I stop, I’d just go back to the same old me that I never wanted to be anymore. There should never be complacency and we are not destined to realize everything. That’s what surprises are for.Β 

I think at some point, I would still go back to that same old feeling of emptiness but one must always remember the power of focus for us to get back on track.