Is Duterte Our Generation’s Version of Heneral Luna?

It has been weeks since I’ve been attempting to write a review about this film, Heneral Luna however, one writter from Rappler sums up the exact feelings I have had about this film.

Shame and Pride Henral Luna Rappler

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We shared the same sentiments about the said movie especially when it was revealed that it’ll be the Philippines’ entry in one of the most sought after international award-giving body for movies; It’s both shame and pride that sounds like, “Why are we gonna show the whole world our dirty laundry? Will it do any good for us? Will it be our pride or would it be humiliating?”. You’d be torn between applauding and hibernating.

But then, I thought, so what now? We should be “awaken” by this film, but the question there is, “Are we”?

Yes, at the moment, it has gained its 180M mark and Gregorio Del Pilar’s time to shine is in the pipe line. But, What now?

Does that stop on us, posting our nationalistic self in all our social media account? Is this all about making a high caliber movie or is there something more to this? It may just be a fiction movie that was based from facts, but what if, there is a hidden message within, that wants us to realize? What if, this movie wants us to be fully aware of what went wrong and to re-live that moment, when one “Heneral Luna” was there to fight for us?

What if, this movie would want us, the new Filipino generation to change what was written in the history books, so as not to say, “History repeats itself?”. Yes, Filipinos of yesterday, instead of fighting with him, they killed him, stabbed him to death and fired gun on him. What if, right at this moment, we were given a chance to change what had happened before and create a much better future ahead of us?

What if, this generation’s Heneral Luna is disguising to be a Davaoeño Mayor who is known with the same courage, heart and mind as Antonio Luna? Are you gonna give this country a chance?

Do you think, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte from Davao qualifies to be our new generation’s Heneral Luna? But, this time, are we gonna kill him and our hopes, just like what we did before?

What’s your thoughts? Think about it.

A Sweet Escape


Taken from Talk ‘N Text Facebook Page

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) has been the hottest pandesal in town. Well, I chose the national Filipino breakfast, Pandesal as a metaphor to describe the two because they had been my  morning personal habit that is hard to break before hitting the sack; it’s because I’m a vampire and can’t stay late until 2pm, to watch both of them make fun of each other.

I’d usually visit Eat Bulaga’s Facebook Wall to watch the reply and most of at times, in Twitter, too. They were our happy pill for the last few weeks and for sure, many Filipinos will also agree with me on it (take note, “many” not “all”).

Scientifically speaking (I’m never an expert) , the feeling that we feel when watching these types of programs would trigger our brains to release happy hormones such as endorphins, serotonins, dopamine and adrenaline – thus the happiness and the giddiness that we feel every time their faces were focused on national television in the tune of “Twerk it Like Miley” or “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”. At this point, would also like to thank McDonald’s and Talk ‘N Text for sponsoring those happy hormones for us.

As I try to find the reason(s) on this hottest trending topic today, it all boils down to the feeling that these two love birds can bring us in the middle of every political crisis and problems that we have on the table right now: It’s our sweet escape.

They give us that feeling of escaping from our reality, for we all know, “Reality Sucks”. They gave us the chance to escape our realities for at least 20-30 minutes every day and for sure, we grab it because even in a short span of time, we smiled and we felt good – Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

Everybody want to be happy. It’s the main goal of every human being. And that’s when Aldub  (Alden and Yaya Dub) comes in the picture. It’s when they give us that temporary bliss, that happy hormones that makes us glued to their comedic acts.

Aside from the laughs, it gives us another feeling: Being in love.

Happiness and love may be the two most sought after feelings in this world. Everybody wants to love and be loved. Who doesn’t?

And when the two (Richards and Mendoza) would exchange their love notes, pabebe waves and their love languages, we all went gaga. The mystery on the two’s chemistry was another thing that keeps us coming back, wishing they will eventually find their own happily ever after.

Their love exchanges can not only be witnessed during the air time of Eat Bulaga, but would also exchange indirect tweets, dub-smashes and other romantic languages in social media which makes people wonder, why are they so synchronized, as if they were planning for their every move. We felt like they were meant for each other hence, the song “God Gave Me You” fits, as their ultimate theme song. It seems like serendipity.

But, let me also add a personal reason why I am a proud fan.

alden richards

“Fears are just what if’s” from Alden Richards’ PEP interview

yaya dub

Credits to (Pleae click picture to redirect to source)

Both of them are prepared for fame. At that young age, they are very mature and exudes inspiration to the Filipino youth – a role model to this new generation and those celebrity identity is rare nowadays. And when they crossed their paths, it feels like they were destined to be together (maybe on-screen or not, who knows?).

And it’s not only the two that needs recognition. It’s the collaboration of the whole cast and crew of the show, Eat Bulaga.

plywood of aldub

The writers were also exemplary creative and knows their craft so much. They know how to entice, surprise and entertain the new generation of audience.

Other casts, Wally Boyola, Paolo Ballesteros, Jose Manalo, TVJ (Tito Vic and Joey), Allan K also plays a great role in Kalye Serye. Without them, the love team can become overrated and may lose the spark and the momentum that we, the audience needs.

It’s like a menu with the combination of the best ingredients in the market and we can’t get over it. We keep on ordering the same dish every day without the “umay” factor. 

Kalyeserye has surely changed the way we view TV entertainment. It gives us the sudden gush of mixed emotions to escape the reality we Filipinos are into.

It’s new, refreshing, entertaining and they are surely a match MAIDEN heaven. Thank you for that sweet escape. 

Life in 4 Sentences

life in 4 sentences

From the book of Miriam Defensor Santiago – Stupid is Forevermore

I’ve posted this excerpt from the book, Stupid is Forevermore by Miriam Defensor Santiago in all my social media accounts and I still can’t get over its meaning – it sums up what life is.

1. The Adventure of Life is to Learn
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After school,  you thought you were done with learning. Never did I thought that it will be that one thing that will fuel me to be motivated and keep the fire burning. It’s when you know that everyday, you will be learning something new that will keep you interested in life.

It’s when you know that life can never be summed up with the money that you have and the luxury that you are getting. That life, in order to be fun, you have to discover something new and you have to continuously learn from it.

2. The Nature of Life is to Change
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Getting through change  is a challenge but then, once you get comfortable being uncomfortable, it’ll be like swaying in the wind where you’d just go with the flow. Changing ones routine can be very difficult at first but it’s life’s nature. We just need to deal with it.

3. The Purpose of Life is to Grow
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They say, when you have your feet on the ground despite what you have accomplished, it’s when you know that you are growing.

When you have anchored your values no matter where you go, whoever you’d become, you know you are at the right track.

4. The Challenge of Life is to Overcome
From the start of the adventure, changes and growing up, those are the challenges that you have to overcome. just as what the poem “Don’t Quit” said, “Rest if you must but don’t you quit.”  

Who would have thought that life can be summed up in just 4 sentences? or even 4 words?
Powerful words we should never forget: Learn, Change, Grow and Overcome