Why I Write

30 or 40 years from now, I’d be nearing 70 years old and maybe too weak to ever grab a pen, too old to see my hand writing or maybe wouldn’t be able to comprehend what I have written. True enough, for now, I write for myself – to get rid of my never-ending ideas in mind, baggage counter to my endless rants and opinions that I don’t get to…

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Be the Problem Solver: One Problem At A Time

Our world has never been perfect. We always see ourselves in the middle of a battle – whether it be with ourselves or with other people. Unfortunately, this world never ran out of problems – at home, at work, with friends, with loved ones, with acquaintances and with every person we’d meet along the way. But hey, there’s good news.. Photo grabbed from: The Soul Purpose Project Start becoming a…

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On Mediocrity

Mediocrity was a word that doesn’t seem to affect me before. It was the status quo that I thought I should live about. I thought it was the safety net that would keep you on your game. But somehow, when you finish a project with a mediocre effort, it doesn’t seem to satisfy my high standards. If there are two enemies that I still try to combat in my life…

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Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I ran out of words, tongue-tied and I can not defend and explain myself and so with my answers. That’s what happened when I was interviewed and presented my case study when I applied for a higher position at work. I wasn’t nervous and I wasn’t the same person I used to be. I think no one can make me that nervous anymore (unlike before). And I’d give the credit…

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Sierra Madre Resort, Tanay Rizal

Going to places by myself has always been in my bucket list ever since. I have had plans in the past but has never pushed through until last week when I was pressured to go to an unfamiliar place due to some responsibilities I have to do at work – I was assigned to look for a team  building place. And this one was an option. I researched on it…

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Songs of My Life

There might be millions of songs right now. But there are three songs I’d always listen to and for the last 4 years, these were the songs I’d always go back to. 1. Breakaway By Kelly Clarkson This is how I want to deal with my life. “Take a chance, make a change, and breakaway.” 2. It’s Gonna Make Sense by Michael learns to rock “Someday it’ll gonna make sense.”…

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