Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Uncomfortable Tuxedo ManI ran out of words, tongue-tied and I can not defend and explain myself and so with my answers. That’s what happened when I was interviewed and presented my case study when I applied for a higher position at work.
I wasn’t nervous and I wasn’t the same person I used to be. I think no one can make me that nervous anymore (unlike before). And I’d give the credit to that full year of roller coaster ride at work. At some point, I thought I was ready to step up and receive more responsibility. Just thinking about it was surreal but after those series of assessments, I realize I am not.
Those assessments I believe is not for the company to gauge your skills, decision making and conviction but it’s for the candidate to know his/her readiness to face the upcoming stress/stressors that will come their way ahead.
It was never about position for me, It was about honing more people to become a better version of themselves. I imagine training trainers and those trainers will eventually train more people – not only with skills but also with the right attitude and behavior – thinking that I’d be able to share my life learning excites me. But I have to be aware that it is not a perfect world. There is black and there is white. Sometimes, gray must also be considered.
I even bought this book (How to Influence People by John Maxwell) to prepare but the more I immerse myself into it, the more I am realizing how inept I am just yet. I even didn’t finish the book because I have yet to know more strategies for myself before mentoring other people. If I mirror myself now, I realize, I’d be creating a person that is not yet so prepared.  I know I am not yet ready for something bigger not because I don’t deserve it but because I have to experience more and have a full grasp of my own management style and personality.
I have realized a lot of loopholes that I have yet to fill in.
Thinking how my interview went still gave me headache and as we know, truth hurts and I am still hurt (and trying to move on) knowing my inabilities and incompetence.
On the other hand, I will always be thankful that I went thru that process because now, I know how it feels like to be “grilled” and get to see how I management myself when I am stressed.
If there is one triumph I get to claim after those events, I can now say, I am becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. That I can handle myself and I still have my calm persona in any situation. That I can still clearly think (though not fully explain myself) when placed in stressful situation.
I can not be more thankful for that experience and now, I have to start filling those loopholes and again, becoming a better version of myself will always be my goal in life. I don’t care how many version will I end up becoming but I know for sure, it will lead to where I should be and I will continue to work hard to be that person I always dreamed to be.

Sierra Madre Resort, Tanay Rizal

Going to places by myself has always been in my bucket list ever since. I have had plans in the past but has never pushed through until last week when I was pressured to go to an unfamiliar place due to some responsibilities I have to do at work – I was assigned to look for a team  building place. And this one was an option. I researched on it online and as I was reading some of the blogs about travelers who had been in this place, I can’t help but be excited with this adventure.
I used to go out alone but never in a place that I am unfamiliar with, no car and no one had ever told me how to go to this place. Some may find it dreading but for me, it’s like an adrenaline rush. I can say that I somehow knew fifty percent of this adventure because I am from Rizal too and I am very much familiar with some of the landmark like Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall in Cainta, Rizal. I can’t help but be very excited because as I have mentioned, I had always been thinking of traveling alone like “solo backpacking” – the only idea of it excites me.
How to go there:
1. If you from Manila, you may ride the MRT 2 (Recto-Santolan Transit) and alight in Santolan Station.
2. From there ride a jeepney with “COGEO” signage and alight at Cogeo Market (fare is around 20 pesos)
3. Then, from Cogeo Market, turn right after the footbridge and towards the end of that road (left side – along Mercury Drugs), there’s the jeepney terminal going to Sampaloc (Don’t be scared to ask around so you won’t get lost). And just inform the driver that you have to alight at Sierra Madre Resort (it’s along the road on the left side. Fare is around 55 pesos)
It was a long ride. I always joke around telling my friends that my white shirt had turned gray when I arrive there (which is really true) and all in all, the total travel time was around 3 hours from my place in San Mateo.
It was a very humid day when I arrive there and somehow, I felt a little disappointed with their customer service because no one even bothered to entertain me. That I must say is one of the opportunities I get to identify when I went there.
On the lighter side of things, I was in awe when I saw how beautiful the scenery is. Looking at it in pictures says it all. If it would have a been colder or if I went here during December, it would have been much better.
I had always been in love with nature and its beauty. All the time I am in that place, I had nothing left in mind but to praise God for this life He has given me and the chance to see such beautiful creation.
Of course, I didn’t let this opportunity slip – I tried their hanging bridge. :)
“Of course, I didn’t let this opportunity slip – I tried their hanging bridge. :)” – TWICE!!
(I am sorry for my “tiger look” it was just really hot that day and I turn to a monster in three circumstances: When it’s too hot, I had PMS and when I am hungry. :p)
This solo backpacking experience is monumental for me and I will surely do this all over again. It’ll let you think, be at peace and at the same time, you’d enjoy the company of yourself. Not only will it give you a new experience but it will also gave you the courage to walk alone. Because of this trip, I told myself, I will never be scared to walk alone because I was never really alone – I have my faith with me all the time. :)
iamtwixietops ツ

Songs of My Life

Music is my life!

There might be millions of songs right now. But there are three songs I’d always listen to and for the last 4 years, these were the songs I’d always go back to.
1. Breakaway By Kelly Clarkson
This is how I want to deal with my life.
“Take a chance, make a change, and breakaway.”
2. It’s Gonna Make Sense by Michael learns to rock
“Someday it’ll gonna make sense.”

The song I’d always play everytime I feel helpless or confused with what’s in my life. It’s like reassuring myself that soon, I’d be able to understand everything.

3. Leave out All the Rest
“When my time comes, forget the wrong that I’ve done, help me leave behind some reason to be missed.”

This is the song I want to be played in my funeral. This is also the same song I’d listen to if I need to leave people and places.

Songs are made to indirectly affect your whole being.

Yexel Museum (Manila Ocean Park)

I posted a new post for this awesome museum because this for us is the highlight of our time in Manila Ocean Park. Never did we know we’d enjoy it here. (thinking it was only for kids. We almost forgot we are kids at heart)
When you get your ticket, this “UP” replica made me giggle already since I had always been a fan of that pixar movie and when you entered, it was minions that welcomed us. Who will not die and enjoy the scene right?
Then, this cute upside down pic of my sisters. I also had mine but their picture is a lot much better than mine. They are much better models that I do. haha!
Some of the relics there were not familiar for me because, I had never been a fan of Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. I also just started watching Games of Thrones and therefore, I felt like I am in a strange place. But this Iron Throne is also my other favorite.
My jaw dropped again when I saw the Iron Man toys. Yes, I love and enjoyed Tony Sparks movie and seeing this also made me melt!
Good Job Yexel! If I’d be given the chance to go to Las Piñas, I’ll surely go and see your other museums! No one will go wrong if you follow your passion and where your heart is. :)
iamtwixietops ツ

Manila Ocean Park, Philippines

As an early graduation gift to my sister, Trisha, we went and explored Manila Ocean Park. Though we went here before, it was 6 years ago and a lot has been added and has changed. This for us is a much better and improved Manila Ocean Park.

Of course, I had been in a much bigger sanctuary for birds which is the National Aviary but, this can be a good start for the Philippines to keep our Philippine Eagle and I hope they would add more birds that can only be found here.


I posted this picture (below) because this is the only good picture I had with my family. My face was swelling during that time because it was my second day after a minor surgery (wisdom tooth extraction) and therefore, most of my pics were an eyesore for me. 

And one of the best time we have had during our tour was the sunset in Manila Bay. Who wouldn’t love it? :)

And I told myself I will have a date in this place. :) #dateBytheSea 

More Adventures on the next posts. :)
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