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Exploring Baguio City (Philippines) Day 1

Traveling is one thing I’m not really good at and I’m lazy about, because we were not so accustomed to it compared with other families. Growing up, we didn’t have the luxury to travel around the country because we’re an average Filipino family – will save up for education, food and other necessities; travelling seem to… Continue reading Exploring Baguio City (Philippines) Day 1

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Ramblings of a People-Pleaser

“Libra’s are kind but some people construed it as their weakness” Is being kind considered a weakness? That is the question I keep asking myself. They’d say, fake it ’till you make it. But no matter how I feign sarcasm and rudeness just to conceal my total kindness; somehow, it has been a total fail.… Continue reading Ramblings of a People-Pleaser

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Is Duterte Our Generation’s Version of Heneral Luna?

It has been weeks since I’ve been attempting to write a review about this film, Heneral Luna however, one writer from Rappler sums up the exact feelings I have had about this film. We shared the same sentiments about the said movie especially when it was revealed that it’ll be the Philippines’ entry in one of the… Continue reading Is Duterte Our Generation’s Version of Heneral Luna?

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ALDUB: A Sweet Escape

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) has been the hottest pandesal in town. Well, I chose the national Filipino breakfast, Pandesal as a metaphor to describe the two because they had been my  morning personal habit that is hard to break before hitting the sack; it’s because I’m a vampire and can’t stay late until… Continue reading ALDUB: A Sweet Escape

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Life in 4 Sentences

I’ve posted this excerpt from the book, Stupid is Forevermore by Miriam Defensor Santiago in all my social media accounts and I still can’t get over its meaning – it sums up what life is. 1. The Adventure of Life is to Learn Related post: Never Ending Learning Process After school,  you thought you were done with… Continue reading Life in 4 Sentences

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